Hi there, I’m Teri.

I’m a wife and mom based in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. As the owner and leading ads strategist behind Teri Lyn Digital Marketing, I take a collaborative, service-oriented approach with my clients. Our clients are truly our partners. Their success is our success!

After more than a decade of experience in marketing,  I ventured out to build an online business based on my strengths and passions with the flexibility to work from the comfort of home.

I learned from the best in the business and continue to focus on ongoing education to stay on top of the most effective strategies in this quickly changing industry. 

Random Facts About Teri!

I love Pale Ale beer- the hoppier the better. 

I have over 10 years of experience in marketing⁣.

I remember a time before Facebook and social media!⁣

I’m really good (like really) at the crane game in restaurants/arcades. I rarely walk away without a prize on the first try.⁣ 

Can retain when people’s birthdays are. I still remember friends from elementary school birthdays. ⁣

I lived in 4 states in 4 years in my early 20’s.

True Crime podcasts are my go-to in the car.

I have never had a Big Mac or Whopper. 

90s hip hop/rap is my thing. 


My unique onboarding process digs deep and lays a solid foundation so that you can build lasting relationships with loyal customers.


By truly partnering with my clients, I am able to create and implement highly customized and cohesive marketing strategies that get results and build lasting relationships with happy customers! 


Communication is key, as they say! We’ll keep in regular contact about any projects we start to ensure you get the end result you’re looking for.


I like to work with each client directly to ensure their project is scoped and priced according to the specs. We’ll work through the costs before we even start.

Drop me a line!

In order to provide unmatched personal support, I only take on a limited number of clients at a time. This allows us to give every client our complete attention and personalized guidance every step of the way.  Please drop me a line and we’ll get started with your next project!