Stop Boosting Your Facebooks Posts

Facebook makes it really easy to advertise on their platform by using the fancy little Boost button.
However, the reality is, if you want to get more people in your store, grow your email list or get people onto your website, boosting a post is probably not doing what you hoped it would.When you boost a post on Facebook, it is being optimized for engagement. This means that it will help you get a few more likes, comments, or shares.

Now, if your goal was something other than getting more likes, comments or shares, then boosting a post is not doing you any good.

And in order to utilize Facebook Ads to the fullest, you will need to get comfortable with Ads Manager. Or reach out to a digital marketing company like Teri Lyn Digital Marketing, who can help run the ads for you.

Facebook and Instagram ads are an amazing tool and they have some of the highest ROI (Return on Investment) of any marketing tactic out there. But you have to do more than boost a post to fully reach into their potential and grow your business.

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